2016 Writing Resolutions @BooksByIntisar

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2016 Writing Resolutions @BooksByIntisar

Writing Resolutions scare the living daylights out of me. Mostly because, you know, people actually expect you to achieve them.

It’s not like making a resolution to go to the gym four times a week for the rest of your life (maybe once a week?), or cutting out all processed foods (emergency veggie burger meals are kind of a lifesaving feature of our household, not to mention crackers, granola bars, and whatever else we can grab when we run out of fruit! And then I totally use jars of pasta sauce, and, well, this is a totally irrelevant example.) In short, no one’s going to call me on skipping zumba and grabbing some fries on the way home. But people do notice when that bit o’ writing fails to appear.

BUT, resolutions are a nice way of publicly shaming yourself into doing something. And goodness knows I need all the motivation I can get. Without further ado, my 2016 writing resolutions:

  1. Publish Memories of Ash (finally!) – I am almost done with my final major revision. After this, there’s only the spit and polish (copyeditor?) and then the final shine (proofreader!). I realize “only” is a deceptive word. It’s “only” in comparison to the years of work behind me, but it’s still probably a few more months.
  2. Share two original short stories with my newsletter subscribers – because, you know, I’d said I’d do this sort of thing, so it’s time. I’ll also strive to keep up the regular giveaways for subscribers, so if you aren’t on my newsletter (which goes out, what, every three months?), you should totally subscribe. Plus, then you’ll hear about #1’s release date first.
  3. Revise the first installment in Rae’s story – Rae has been talking to me a lot lately, and I realize a lot folks have been (very patiently) waiting for her story to come out. I finally feel like I am ready to have another go at it. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out my free short story, The Bone Knife, featuring (you guessed it!) Rae.
  4. Complete a first draft of Sunbolt Book 3 – and maybe even come up with a title for it. (Titles are the bane of my writerly existence.) First drafts, mind you, are usually incoherent as a toddler on sugar and choppy as the winter sea. Outlines are not my friend, but that means first drafts are not really my friend either. They’re the beginning of a really long effort to fix things.

Those are my Writing Resolutions for 2016. Please don’t egg me if I don’t meet them. (Except, you know, for publishing Memories of Ash. If that doesn’t come out in the first half of the year, I will join you in egging my computer.)

What are your resolutions for the year (writerly or not)?

Wishing you all a wonderful, fulfilling journey in the year to come!

A great example of why having a proofreader is helpful no matter your profession...

A great example of why having a proofreader is helpful no matter your profession…


ps. For those of you who do not love parentheses, sorry I made you read through all of that. (Maybe.)

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  • Rebekah Hendrian

    I love parentheses too (really), 🙂
    Memories of Ash in the first half of 2016!?! I’m so excited! Hopefully things go as you plan 🙂
    My writing resolution is simple-ish- be more organized about it. I am scatterbrained and easily distracted, so following a writing plan isn’t my first inclination.
    Good Luck and Happy New Year!
    Rebekah @ Wordsmithing and Worldbuilding

    • Organization is definitely not my forte. *pretends not to see piles of stuff stacked around desk and dresser* I too am easily distracted. This last year, I’ve started working at the library, where I can’t connect to the internet. That has helped loads. (Ha!) I also do online writing sprints / sessions with writing friends. Making writing more social has definitely helped me buckle down every night! Then again, I have yet to find a way to organize a first draft (aka outline) in a way that works for me, so those are always a beautiful mess. 🙂 Wishing you all the best in your writing endeavors (and life generally) in 2016!

  • Elisabeth Wheatley


    At least you’ve clearly got the health stuff out of the way. Leaves more time for the important stuff like…I don’t know…WRITING. 😉

    • LOL – wait, did you think I actually made health-related resolutions? Those were just fictitious examples! The only resolutions that matter are the writing ones anyway, right?

      Glad you’re excited for more Rae and Hitomi! I am totally excited for Janir, and the chance to meet Amira, and I know you said Haddie’s on the back burner, but I miss her sass too, so here’s to perhaps catching sight of her before next year!

  • Miss Clark

    Memories of Ash!!! That is a must-buy on my list for 2016! And Rae! So happy to hear she is being a bit more cooperative about sharing her story 🙂

    Best wishes for 2016!

    • Thank you on on all three counts! 😉 Yeah, I’m really glad Rae has started talking to me again. For a long time there I was really struggling to find the heart of her story. I’m hoping I’ve got a better sense of it now and can have another go at telling it! Best wishes for a wonderful 2016 to you too!

  • hathasam

    Very much want to know what happens with Hitomi, as you pretty much left both her and me HANGING. And I just loved Val. But Rae was such a delightful character; I’m so glad the two of you are chatting again. I’m looking forward to whatever you put out there next. (Dragon, you say?)

    • LOL – sorry to leave you at loose ends! Hitomi seems to have been quite happy with the break, though, as she appears to have spent about a year quietly studying before BAM! Life happens, as it does. 😀 I’m doing my best to get this story out soon–it’s coming!

      The dragons short is just a little comic relief piece for me–I hope you enjoy it. It should go out with the newsletter Sunday morning. 🙂

  • Oh my, I am an evil author! 😉 I am so thrilled that you enjoyed my stories so much. I’m sorry it’s been such a long journey to bring you more. I stand in absolute awe of authors who can produce amazing stories multiple times a year. For starters, I can’t even be sure where my story is going because my writing never, ever follows my outlines. I’m not even sure why I try anymore! 😀 Which means that the first three drafts are usually just figuring out what the heck is going on and what’s working and what isn’t. In my third draft of Memories of Ash, I wrote five, maybe six, new last chapters. “Following” a different chapter outline each time. And now, in this new revision, I think that last chapter needs to change. Ha! So here is me hoping that you’ll find this story as fluid and warm as you did the others. 😉 And thank you, truly, for your kindness and support.

    • elyse

      Thank you for answering me! I will try not write again though as I want to save you any possible time for writing books rather than far-too-nice replies 😀 I did want to say that your lack of knowing what will happen is probably key to the uniqueness of your stories. They have random changes just like life does and they just dive right into them and then you make the resulting change or spectacle so fascinating I forget to be disappointed that we’re not having the adventure I expected us to have. please don’t ever try to change that aspect of your talent. I meanwhile have resolved to wait patiently now for Hiromi, Rae or whomever comes next.

      • LOL–no, no, I love hearing from people! And too funny about how the end result feels for you. My stories do often take me by surprise. When they don’t, I start worrying that I’ve lost what I’m writing about! 🙂 Thanks again for your support; I will keep on keeping on over here, writing the best way I know how! 🙂

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