Bookwyrms! And the sadness of blogging…

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Bookwyrms! And the sadness of blogging…

Are you on Pinterest? Are you looking for your next great indie SF&F read? Are you really tired of waiting for me to post something else on my blog?

Come follow Bookwyrms, where fellow indie author Rabia Gale and I pin books we’ve enjoyed along with a mini-review! From hilarious space opera to inventive fantasy-of-manners to lyrical original fairy tales, we’re excited to share these indie and small press books with you. This is still a young board–we just started it last week–so hop on now and watch it grow, and let us know what you think of what we’ve pinned!

Truth be told, I am beginning to embrace the fact that no matter what my intentions, or how I try, blogging is difficult for me to maintain. Writing a blog post is quite the endeavor for me. It can easily eat up a couple hours or more of writing time. As a stay at home mom with very limited writing time, that is not a good thing.

I’ll make a serious effort at blogging every week or so over the next few months, and then I’ll reconsider where I am. In the meantime, follow Bookwyrms! Follow me on Pinterest generally, and chat with me on Twitter and Facebook. Blogging may be tough for me, and I may miss a week (or two) here or there, but I’m still on social media and love connecting with people!

ps. I will definitely be back next week, though, with the cover reveal of Memories of Ash!

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