Cover Reveal: Masque by W.R. Gingell

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Cover Reveal: Masque by W.R. Gingell

I recently discovered W.R. Gingell’s writings and I absolutely love them. You’ve probably heard me wax eloquent about Twelve Days of Faerie, which was fantastic. And Masque was absolutely grand as well–hopefully I’ll get a review of it up soon.

For all you fairy tale lovers, this is an original and humorous retelling of Beauty and the Beast, with regency flair and a mystery to solve. For anyone who likes their books with a dash of magic and a clever heroine, this story is for you! It’s only 99 cents on Amazon. And FREE everywhere else. (Want it free on Amazon? Report the free price on Masque’s book page. If enough readers demand a price match, they’ll do it. Then go ahead and spend that dollar. I guarantee you’ll get more out of it than you would a third of a cup of coffee!)

I’m totally delighted to share Masque’s gorgeous new cover with you! This revelation in gold and blue was designed by Jenny over at Seedlings Design Studio–the very same Jenny who has designed my covers for both Thorn and Sunbolt. Isn’t she amazing?



Beauty met the Beast and there was . . . Bloody murder?

It’s the Annual Ambassadorial Ball in Glause, and Lady Isabella Farrah, the daughter of New Civet’s Ambassador, is feeling pleasantly scintillated.

In the library is Lord Pecus, a charming gentleman whose double mask hides a beastly face, and who has decided that Isabella is the very person to break the Pecus curse.

In the ball-room is young Lord Topher, who is rapidly falling in love with an older woman.

And in the card-room, lying in a pool of his own blood, is the body of one of Isabella’s oldest friends: Raoul, Civet’s Head Guardsman. The papers sewn into his sash seem to suggest espionage gone wrong, but Isabella is not so certain.

Lord Pecus, as Commander of the Watch, is of the opinion that Isabella should keep out of the investigation and out of danger. Isabella is of the opinion that it is her murder to investigate, and that what a certain Beast-Lord doesn’t know won’t hurt him . . .

Will Isabella find the murderer before Lord Pecus does, or will she end her investigation as a bloody spatter on the parlour floor?

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GingellW.R. Gingell is a Tasmanian author who lives in a house with a green door. She spends her time reading, drinking an inordinate amount of tea, and slouching in front of the fire to write. Like Peter Pan, she never really grew up, and is still occasionally to be found climbing trees.

  • Thanks for the review. The e-book was .99 at Amazon, so I ordered it. 🙂

  • Thank you! I’m a friend of Jen’s and she steered me over to your blog 🙂 Nice to meet you. I was able to get Masque on Amazon for free today!

    • *Happy Dance* Thanks for visiting, and so glad you were able to nab Masque for free! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂

      • I believe I will! Now I’m going to be looking to pick your books up next 🙂 Have a good weekend.

  • W.R. Gingell

    (Belated) thanks for the post, Intisar 🙂 I hope you all enjoy MASQUE and I’m certain you’ll enjoy Intisar’s books as well 🙂

    • You’re welcome! It can be tough keeping up with everything sometimes! I’ve been dropping balls left, right, and center this week. 😀

      • W.R. Gingell

        Oh my word, yes! And I’m naturally scatterbrained into the bargain…

        • LOL – me too! We’ll blame it on being “creative types”…

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