My fear of all things horror and … the Cruel Book Summer One-Day Sale @BooksByIntisar

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My fear of all things horror and … the Cruel Book Summer One-Day Sale @BooksByIntisar



Don’t you just love turning off the light at night and lying awake in terror of the things you just read?

I don’t.

I do love me a good YA fantasy, sci-fi or paranormal read. And every now and then I’ll attempt (YA?) horror, but I have to admit, it’s not my strong suite. At all. I’m the one who hides her eyes in the movie theater when the young woman decides to investigate the strange sounds coming from the basement. Or, at home, I’m the one who suddenly requires a bathroom break even though we started the movie 15 minutes ago (“No, no–don’t pause it for me! You can just tell me what happened when I get back…).

Put it this way, if you’re my age, you’ll remember the movie “The Goonies.” I was terrified of that movie as a child. Looking back, I have no idea why it freaked me out, but I remember the nightmares. No wait, those were day-mares. I guess it’s because my imagination has always been able to take me across the line of not-real to happening-right-now-to-you. Which is just dandy in a lot of genres–but not horror. Not even wimpy, this-is-meant-to-be-funny-horror.

So I have to admit, I’m a little scared of the YA horror offerings at Cruel Book Summer – a one day 99-cent sale and author-reader Facebook event. The good news for me, though, is there’s also YA fantasy and paranormal books on offer–including my own Sunbolt. I am pretty tickled to be taking part in this event, because in addition to the awesome variety of books on sale, Every Single Author will be hanging out on Facebook to chat at some point during the day.

So… get this event on your calendars / click here to RSVP so you don’t miss the fun this Friday, June 13. I’ll be one of three authors hosting the 3-6 pm EST slot, so be sure to come by and say hello! And whether you’re like me, and are afraid of The Goonies, or you’ve got more courage (and less imagination?), there’s something here for everyone. 😉

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