Surviving The Apocalypse – Quizzes and Fun at the Halfway Point | Defying Doomsday Read-Along

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Surviving The Apocalypse – Quizzes and Fun at the Halfway Point | Defying Doomsday Read-Along

We’re halfway through Defying Doomsday! I figured it’s time to assess how much we’ve learned, and just how long we might survive in an apocalypse! (I also figured it might be nice to have a fun post that grants us all some catch up time.)

If you’re just popping by for fun, feel free to join in just for today if you’d like (or going forward!). We’re happy to have you! To find out more about the read-along, click here.

How Long Would You Survive?

Some of these apocalypse options are pretty rough: hungry things in the rain that eat you alive, meteors on a collision course with earth… (Are they options? Can we change our choice of disaster scenarios? Cause I’m totally voting for the killer bunnies if I can. I mean, they can’t do doorknobs. And they may still be afraid of dogs. This seems like a good thing.) So… take this quiz on how long you would survive for in an apocalypse, and let us know what your life span looks like!

What Job Would You Have?

We’ve talked about what our special skills are that we could trade with at a post-apocalyptic market. But now we’ve got to take off our rose-tinted glasses and find out what Buzzfeed thinks we’re really suited for. (Buzzfeed is definitely the expert here.) What will you do once disaster strikes?

And What Will You Pack?

Talking about the apocalypse isn’t all fun and games, you know. Serious preparation is required. Take a look at this Bug Out Bag guide and build your own BOB list (it doesn’t take long–click on the button at the bottom of the page). Do you have what you need to survive? Are you at all tempted to do this?

Intisar’s Answers

Looks like I’ve got a month to live as a hermit (woohoo! Bet you didn’t think “hermit” was a job description!) with those books I decided to take along with me. NO REGRETS. As for a Bug Out Bag, I think I might put together a small bag with copies of all my most important paperwork, etc. A USB back-up of my writing. You know, important things. Most of the things I thought I’d include in a BOB are already in my house (except for water purification tablets), so I think I’ll just wing it. Unless, you know, the CDC tells me I need to get my game on. I’m listening to the CDC.

There’s that banner! (Just in case you were missing it.) Thank you all for such a fun read-along. Looking forward to the next set of stories next week!

  • Evidently I’ll be a leader in my one month to survive. You can have my BOB when I’m gone. It’s going to last longer than I will, even though it’s pretty light.

    • Well, I’m only fated to survive a month as well, so I guess we’ll have to find a longer-lived companion to inherit our BOBs. Wait, though, I’ll be a hermit so I guess they’ll have to find me… 😉

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