Sneak Peek: A Fight Scene from Memories of Ash @BooksByIntisar

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Sneak Peek: A Fight Scene from Memories of Ash @BooksByIntisar

And now the post many of you have been waiting for… a sneak peek at Memories of Ash!

I’m usually terrified of doing sneak peeks of books because, well, books change, and you don’t want to give away the best parts before you realize what you’re doing, or, you know, decide they don’t fit and delete them altogether.

But! This scene is definitely a keeper, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have martial artist (can I say that?) and author Amy Spahn take a look at it as part of her Fight Scene Analysis series…

Here’s a peek at her post. Click through for the actual scene!


In today’s fight from Intisar Khanani’s work in progress, we explore a fantasy setting with two magically powered combatants. Woot!

The Meta

Author: Intisar Khanani


Book: Memories of Ash

Buy Link: Sunbolt, to which Memories of Ash will be a sequel.

The Setup

Combatant 1: Hitomi, female, 16 years old. Slight build but good strength. No combat training at all. Just before this scene, an unknown force with the ability to fight takes her over and moves her through this scene.

Combatant 2: A lycan, or werewolf. Elite guard, well built, very well trained.

Scenario: Hitomi is fleeing the lycan through a wide hallway, trying to reach the roof. He just grazed her in the upper arm with a crossbow bolt, so one arm is badly injured and bleeding.

Read the rest here: Fight Scene Analysis: Blocking Kicks & Blades


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