Final Recap: 2016 Writing Resolutions @BooksByIntisar

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Final Recap: 2016 Writing Resolutions @BooksByIntisar

You know how everyone’s starting to think about their New Year’s Resolutions? (Okay, maybe not everyone, but since I don’t have Christmas to keep me busy, what else am I going to obsess about? I mean, if I’m trying not to think about the news….) SO, it occurred to me that I should revisit my 2016 resolutions. I’m not really sure why, other than that I’m taking this “public shaming to achieve one’s resolutions” thing as far as I can.

But I have good news! I’m a total superstar! I achieved at least ONE of my goals! Next year, I’m aiming for two. (Ha!) Here they are…. updates and all.

  1. Publish Memories of Ash – DONE! – May 30th marked the release of Memories of AshI really cannot describe the incredible sense of relief I felt in releasing this book, compounded with the utter terror of knowing I have two more Sunbolt books left. *dies*
  2. archery-472932_640

    Not quite a bull’s eye….

    Share two original short stories with my newsletter subscribers – Kinda done! – In January / February I released Dragon Slayer Number Nine to my newsletter subscribers. It was a very short story but lots of fun to write and share. If you missed it, it’s now available as a free download to all new subscribers. Then I decided to play it a little fast and loose, and submitted a fantasy short to Fantastic Creatures, an anthology that released in November and is FREE on most platforms (so it’s totally still a free read for subscribers, right?). Don’t answer that. But go grab a copy of Fantastic Creatures if you haven’t already….

  3. Revise the first installment in Rae’s story – Kinda not done… – This was on the calendar for the fall. And I really, really intended to work on it. But this fall hit me hard. I actually ended up changing gears to revise a manuscript to submit for traditional publishing, which then stalled out after the US election (the manuscript, not traditional publishing). I’ve spent the last month beating my creative head against various walls. It hasn’t amounted to much in terms of writing. But I’ve put Rae back on the calendar for the spring. I do love her, and I do hope to bring you her story as I’m able.
  4. Complete a first draft of Sunbolt Book 3 – Um, nope. – I have nine chapters! Four of which will probably be summarily tossed out, which means I’m only slightly further along than the last update I provided. I do have the Most Extensive Outline I have EVER written, which actually amounts to about two months of writing for me. Yes, I spent two months on an outline. I really, really, hope this means fewer revisions and a shorter overall timeline. We’ll see!

Random Other Things

I also revised two other short stories that have yet to see the light of day. One, Vegan Dreams, is a contemporary retelling of Hansel and Gretel from the witch’s perspective. The other goes hand in hand with The Bone Knife, except that it centers on Rae’s little sister, Bean. I’m shopping Vegan Dreams around to various podcast and ezine options, and I’m hoping to give Bean’s story another polish before deciding what to do with it. (Newsletter subscribers may just get a sneak peek….)

AND, I started writing a comic script. (!!!) It’s still in development, and too early to give any detail, but it’s been the thing that has helped me to get back out of my writing rut. I’d been developing ideas for it since this summer, but only started seriously moving towards writing in the last two weeks. Exciting times, and totally not on the agenda. However, I’m trying to balance it with also working on my novels, hoping that one will give me the energy for the other. We’ll see how that shakes out!

If you don’t know where you’re going… this sign post definitely won’t help. Having goals, on the other hand, might.

Lessons Learned:

I should maybe kinda recognize my own humanity and not expect to revise and/or draft three full length works in a year. Two may be more realistic. Plus a couple of shorts–because, while I thought I disliked writing shorts, it turns out that sometimes working on a short is the change of pace I need between larger projects. So you might be able to expect a couple shorts from me next year as well.

Now to start stewing about my 2017 resolutions….

  • Miss Melody Muffin

    I know that ‘oh wow I really did load my plate up super heavy this year BUT HEY IF I PUSH oh okay nope not happening’ feeling very well. 🙂
    CONGRATULATIONS on reaching the goals you did accomplish and all the best to you in 2017. Also, comic script? I’m intrigued!

    • Ha! It’s definitely the “super heavy plate about to tip over” feeling that ends with all the goodies splattered across your front and everyone just looking at you. ???? Thank you so much for the congrats–given what an up-and-down fall I’ve had, this post actually helped me to see that I got done more than I thought. Admittedly, the short stories give me a surprising amount of satisfaction even though they’re MUCH easier to wrap up than a novel. But it has been exciting to start developing the comic script. I actually want to write a full graphic novel, but I’m starting small with a sort of “single episode” introduction to explore the medium. If all goes well, the characters will come back in a longer story. We’ll see!

      • Miss Melody Muffin

        2016 has really been a year in which it’s sometimes been hard to see the good for all the bad. I’m glad there was good to find in your year.

        Will you be posting more about the comic here on your blog?

        • It has been a tough year. But yes, I will definitely post more as the comic takes shape! Right now, I’m trying to get the script down. Once I have a strong script, I’ll get to search out an artist and letterer, and the actual comic itself will start taking shape. I’ll be sure to share the journey!

  • Best wishes for 2017 and writing! I just started reading your works this year and I’m enjoying them immensely (and hope to soon write up some reviews for Amazon).

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying them so much. 🙂 Reviews are an indie author’s best friend, so that is much appreciated too. 😉 Sorry for not responding sooner–I missed this notification and only just saw your comment! Wishing you a wonderful 2017.

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