An Apology in Gifs

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An Apology  in Gifs

I’ve been super busy this last month doing things like editing and formatting and panicking (not necessarily in that order). Oh, and being a mom. But… not being a very good blogger. The experts would say I’m shooting myself in the foot, because the two months before a release are OBVIOUSLY the best time to be “engaging your audience” through your blog and “building your readership” and I don’t know what other Very Important Marketing Phrases.

According to such experts, my blog should work something like this…


But you know, I’d rather be a writer than a zombie. And that was pretty much the choice: Functional Me, or amazing blog and this…



(Just pretend she’s of South Asian heritage and wearing a headscarf. It’s totally me.)

So this is just me saying,


And also, I’m coming out of my cave soon, so you can expect a little more to happen here as I take a closer look at the blog…



Coming soon! Excerpts! Reviews of awesome books I’ve almost forgotten I read! Contests! Happiness! Well, okay, I can’t promise thatΒ last one.

But thank you all so much for putting up with me. Until next time,


(Hey look! He’s got a headscarf! Oh wait… still not a good match.)

  • Sandra Hutchison

    Love it. And I know the feeling.

    • Isn’t it the truth? I guess that’s the challenge of being an indie author! I love being indie, but I do kind of like the idea of having a publisher take care of all the nuts and bolts of actually publishing for me… πŸ˜› Thanks for stopping by!

  • Alina Sayre

    I love this! I’m totally in the same stage of book releasing, and I’m the one going to sleep in the middle of the grocery aisle. Forget blogging; pick sanity every time! πŸ™‚

    • Ha! If we do it often enough, the media should pick it up. “Authors dropping like flies!” “Grocery store pandemic: writer types most at risk!” “Coroner’s Office issues warning to all moms with book releases” … We should maybe coordinate our efforts here. πŸ˜‰

      • Alina Sayre

        I’m not even a mom, so you must be at least twice as tired as I am! And I’d be thrilled to coordinate efforts πŸ™‚ Maybe a blog feature swap in June?

  • Elisabeth Wheatley

    For the record, I’m sure you could pull off the a massive mane of dreadlocks and few gold teeth. πŸ˜‰

    • You know, I could just MAKE a headscarf composed of a bandana with dreadlocks attached, and then anytime a solicitor knocked on the door, I could answer in that. The teeth, though… I think I’ve had enough teeth pulled. I’m pretty sure I won’t trade in for gold until I must. But then, gold all the way!!! πŸ˜€

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