The Halfway Point – 2016 Writing Resolutions Revisited!

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The Halfway Point – 2016 Writing Resolutions Revisited!

Back in January, I pushed myself to set four writing resolutions for the year. I invited you all to egg me if I didn’t meet the first of those resolutions, so I’m really, really, really happy to report that no eggs are required. Here’s where things stand…

  1. Publish Memories of Ash (finally!) – Yes! May 30th marked the release of Memories of Ash and I’m one happy little camper. Thank you so much to all the amazing readers, and writers of reviews, for giving Tomi such a warm welcome! If you haven’t nabbed your copy yet, it’s available at most retailers, and Sunbolt (Book 1) is just 99 cents.
  2. DragonSlayer9_FC2_LoShare two original short stories with my newsletter subscribers – In January / February I released Dragon Slayer Number Nine to my newsletter subscribers. It was a very short story
    but lots of fun to write and share. If you missed it, it’s now available as a free download to all new subscribers. Short story number two is still in the works. (But oh, I like that cover…)
  3. Revise the first installment in Rae’s story – This is on the calendar for the fall. I’m really excited to jump back into Rae’s story. I’m actually, very tentatively, considering just solidifying her whole story into one mega-huge book, but I haven’t committed to it yet. We’ll see how revision goes first! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out my free short story, The Bone Knife, featuring (you guessed it!) Rae.
  4. Complete a first draft of Sunbolt Book 3 – I have eight chapters! Four of which will probably be summarily tossed out, but it’s a start. 😉 It’s also a first draft, which is clearly just the first step, but I’m really excited to see where this book goes. I have my ideas, but Hitomi has a tendency to surprise even me. I’m also hoping to have an actual title before the end of the year.

New developments:

  • I’m entering a story or two in a fantasy anthology due out at the end of the year. I may end up letting this take the place of the second newsletter short story because I really only have so much writing time, but who knows? I may find myself with a super fun new short to share with the newsletter. Lightning does strike twice once in a while…
  • I may, may, end up revising another novel I have drafted as a submission to a literary agent who has been in touch with me. I’ve been kicking around the idea of taking a hybrid indie/traditional publishing approach, so her reaching out to me was amazingly fortuitous. The story I’m considering is a lot of fun and very different from anything else I have put out–think a combination of Patricia Wrede and Diana Wynne Jones in flavor. If I do take on this project, it will end up having to push one of my other big projects further down the road… so I’m torn on it. We’ll see!

And that’s it. Looking these over, I can see how much more work I have cut out for this year, but I’m also really excited about and thankful for how far I’ve already come. There’s a good chance that the revision of Rae’s story will leak into next year as well, but we’ll worry about that when we must! 😉

How have your new years resolutions been going? Success? Goals to revise? Or just plain let-it-go things?

  • Corvid52

    Really looking forward to Sunbolt 3! Just finished Memories of Ash and can’t wait! What a good writer and story teller you are. Thank you!

    • Thanks so much! I spent two hours this morning on a more detailed outline of Book 3, and found I have an impossible chapter, in which I just can’t figure out how things actually happen. Ha! The woes of writing. But it is in the works! Thank you so much for reading. 🙂

  • Oh yay! I am hoping to get it fixed up one way or the other. It’s just a super fun story, and really enjoyed writing a light steampunk flavor. Granted, I probably got a few of details totally wrong, but hey! It was grand fun, and that’s what revision is for anyway. And yes, I understand the nostalgia. I have a special place in my heart for The Enchanted Forest Chronicles…I can still remember the bookstore where I bought it (a hardcover with all the books included!), and the joy of reading them in my college room. Wow, that takes me back.

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