Everything You Know About Archery … Is Probably Wrong

Posted by on Jan 29, 2015 in Fantasy Rocks | 0 comments

This is what archery really looked like back in the day.

If you think you know something about archery… you just might not. The way to keep your arrows with you is via a belt quiver, not on your back (unless you want to lose them); it’s best to hold a couple spare arrows in your shooting hand while shooting, so you can shoot three in quick succession; don’t notch that baby on the left side if you’re right handed, you’re not going to have time to sight your quarry down it with one eye anyway; yes, you can shoot your arrows at the chumps on the other side of the table and easily kill them because archery is not just for long distances; and for the love of God, remember that historic archers didn’t stand in front of a target and slowly take aim. They moved, and man did they know how to shoot while moving. Watch this guy, Lars Anderson. He’s amazing.

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