What’s in Store for Memories of Ash…

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What’s in Store for Memories of Ash…

As the last month of silence on this blog may not have alerted you to the fact that I’ve been editing like crazy, I thought I should post–I have exciting news!

On March 16, I’ll be revealing the cover of Memories of Ash! It’s gorgeous (and if you want to help me share it, just fill out the form here!), and even more exciting Memories of Ash will be available for pre-order then. *flails about spastically*

I will still be in the throes of final editing, so I’m afraid the first chapter sample / preview most retailers offer may not be available to taunt you yet, but I’ll work on that. Although, really, I love my readers too much to want to make you suffer any further. In fact, as a thank you to all you lovely people, the pre-order price will be only 99 cents. Actually, that’s not quite enough. So I’ve commissioned artist Grace Fong to create an illustration of Hitomi. And I’ll offer a free digital print of it to Every Single Person who pre-orders Memories of Ash. (More details to come!)

It will go up to full price at release, so order your e-book before May 30. Yes! That’s the release date! Right in time for your summer reading adventures. (Not that I planned it that way, but I’m totally capitalizing on it!)

This could be my motto for the next couple months...

This could be my motto for the next couple months…

To make sure you don’t miss any of the cool stuff being planned (Kindle Fire giveaways! Multi-author giveaways! Free digital print! And did I mention, Memories of Ash being released?!?!), be sure to subscribe to my author newsletter. In this time of high excitement, it will be going out monthly. I know, crazy, crazy. It usually only goes out every 2-3 months. I take spam and cluttering inboxes up very, very seriously!

And with that, I’m off to edit some more!

  • Elisabeth Wheatley

    (Where’s the form for the cover reveal? The link isn’t working. :/ )

  • Can’t wait to finally read Sunbolt’s sequel!!!
    Will Memories of Ash paperback have a low pre-order price too?

    • Thank you so much! I will try to reduce the print edition pre-order price as well. My margin is a lot slimmer there, but I may be able to do it as an Amazon-only pre-order sale, and cut a little off. I am also looking into the possibility of setting up a “store” on my website and offering signed books. We’ll see what works out!

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