Twice-Told Tales: A New Feature

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Twice-Told Tales: A New Feature

As you may know, I love fairy tales. After all, my debut novel Thorn is a retelling of The Goose Girl. Did I mention I really enjoy folk and fairy tales that are a little less well-known? Admittedly, lots of folks have heard of The Goose Girl. It’s not Cinderella, I grant you, but it isn’t Donkeyskin or Tatterhood either. Oh these stories. Love love love.

I recently came across an awesome collection of fairy tales from around the world that focus on heroines: sisters, wives, mothers, whatever. Women who basically rock their worlds. I am buying this book as we speak because the library made me return it. If you read fairy tales at all, you should totally read it. It’s called: Fearless Girls, Wise Women, and Beloved Sisters: Heroines in Folktales from Around the World. It’s on GoodReads and Amazon and Better World Books.

Fearless Girls coverI’m going to add this book to my current collection, which of course includes (but is not limited to) the required Complete Grimms Fairy Tales, as well as Arab Folktales, good old Hans Christian Anderson, another collection of Folk Tales From Around The World, some ultra-fun Punjabi Folk Tales, and the complete digital set of Lang’s Multi-Colored Fairy Books. If only I could afford all of Lang’s in print… and then there’s all those books on my to-buy list: Speak Bird, Speak Again; Abu Jmeel’s Daughters; that other one about…well, you get the idea.

As most of you can tell by now, I’m fangirling. Holy mint chocolate chip. I never thought I’d do that, let alone admit it in public. Now of course there’s nothing wrong with fangirling, it’s just not something I’ve recognized myself as doing. I like things, and I enjoy them, but I don’t jump up and down and squeal. Maybe I’m emotionally repressed, or maybe I’m just naturally calm. We’ll let the psychotherapists figure that one out. But…fairy tales. Ohhh. I’m not jumping up and down but I could go on and on and on and–are you even still reading this?

Speak Bird Speak AgainYep. I’m embracing my fangirl nature. From now on, I’m going to offer a monthly blog feature. And I bet you can guess what it is: a randomly selected fairy tale that I will not only tell you (in brief form), but will also provide an editor’s commentary for. Because fairy tales are the absolute boss of random situations, odd characters, and leaps of logic. And you’ve got to respect a story that can survive hundreds of years with plot holes big enough to pop the bermuda triangle through.

I’ll start this feature probably around mid-February, so keep an eye out!

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