Two Weeks Away: A Reflection on Indie Publishing in GIFs

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Two Weeks Away: A Reflection on Indie Publishing in GIFs

Memories of Ash’s release is less than two weeks away. In this moment of complete chaos, I am taking a few breaths to wonder what two weeks away feels like for traditionally published authors…

They’re probably a bit nervous if they’re early on in their career. I feel that. I mean, what will readers think? Is it good enough? Is it at least as good as the last book?



They’re probably working with their publisher to seek out early reviewers, and trying to get on Twitter and Facebook parties, and learning all they can about book marketing. Yep. We all get to do that, no matter how introverted we are!


But I strongly suspect they aren’t frantically reading through the final proof, catching those lingering awkward phrases and accidental repetitions that seem to multiply like bunnies every time you glance away. This part of the process is just a bit crazy-making for an indie author…

But I am so very grateful that I don’t, in fact, have to publish completely alone. Sure I have to get my cover designed, but I work with the amazing Jenny of Seedlings Design. I can say something like, “I’m thinking purple, and hey, look at the colors in this picture of a star nebula. Aren’t they gorgeous? Can you make a phoenix or something? I have no idea what I want it to look like.” And she comes back with this:


And then I go to my amazing copyeditor, Laurel Garver, and she takes my prose and kicks it up a couple notches with her kung-fu line editing skills. And then, I have another amazing friend who gives the first seven chapters an extra shine because she’s just cool like that (and has also been trained as a poet). And then, I have the thing proofread by professionals twice because I’m crazy like that. And then (are you all tired yet?), I format everything, get a proof, and sit down to read it with a pencil, and realize I have two or three days till the final files have to be uploaded. Which I will need to completely reformat. Again.


Meanwhile, I imagine all those traditionally published authors out there who have their publishers to do all these things looking something like this…



(Reading someone else’s book, clearly.)

Okay, I’m probably COMPLETELY wrong. One day, I’m going to have to try out traditional publishing to find out. Until then, I’ll just be here in my bedroom at my desk, panicking. 😉

  • Roseburgian

    It will be beautiful. I Have Spoken.

    I do appreciate the care you’re taking. I’m really, really looking forward to reading it.

    • LOL – thank you! (Phew! Now I can rest easy…) 😛 I really appreciate the support!

  • Alina Sayre

    It will be OK! It’s frustrating but also relieving to know that most readers will never even notice 95% of the mistakes we do 🙂 The end goal is to get someone else on that park bench with your book, engrossed in a good read 🙂

    • Aw, thank you, Alina! And yes, I need to start envisioning that park bench reader as holding Memories of Ash… *panics* Just kidding! I think it’s just these last few weeks of getting each little thing organized that’s rough–but I wouldn’t give up indie publishing. I really love this venture!

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