How Things Went: The #MakeMeRead Challenge

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How Things Went: The #MakeMeRead Challenge

On July 9th, excited to start the #MakeMeRead Readathon, I reached for my Kindle and did not find it.

Just take a moment to let the horror sink in.

Okay, I admit it’s not at all that horrific given what’s happening in the world today, but I did have a nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach as I pawed through my laptop case and found bookmarks and wires and a random ziploc bag, but No Kindle. Despite the immediate realization that I had planned very badly for this Readathon, I still managed to read the top-voted novel of the #MakeMeRead challenge. The Kindle has yet to be found (gulp), so y’all please send finding vibes at me because it hasn’t turned up at home or the other places I’ve traveled yet…

SpindleGingellAnd so, sitting in a dark motel room in the Smokies and squinting at a far-too-bright computer screen while my kids slept, I had the pleasure of reading Spindle by W.R. Gingell–a Sleeping Beauty retelling, only when Poly is woken 300 years later, it’s hard to explain that she’s not actually the princess. Or figure out why someone’s trying to kill her and the mage who woke her… This story had an almost dreamy quality to it, and while you (and Poly) figure out the villain early on, just how things will come together, and what exactly the curse is doing to Poly and why, will keep you guessing. I could have wished for a slightly stronger conclusion to the curse itself, but the story as a whole had a lovely (and humorous) climax. This was another enjoyable read from Gingell, though I’d recommend starting with Masque if you haven’t tried her yet (and it’s free, so why wouldn’t you?). 😉

Without my Kindle, it was a bit harder to slip in more reading time in the natural lulls of the day. Although the readathon is over, I’m going to keep at my TBR list in the order voted upon… next up is The Onyx Dragon! And now I’m going to go search for my Kindle some more…

  • S.M. Lowry

    Hope you find your Kindle soon!

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